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A radically different “mobility aid”

Walking bikesOn the Alinker you can be upright and actively moving, be at eye-level, have your hands free, have no stress on the lower limbs, sit with good posture, be stable and feel safe.

Barbara Alink is a Dutch designer, architect, humanitarian, and inventor of the Alinker.  Barbara now lives in Richmond, B.C.

The Alinker story started with a comment of Barbara’s aging mother- Antonia Esman. While passing some elderly people with walkers and scooters, she said: “over my dead body will I’ll ever use one of those!”. Barbara set out to design something better for her mum, but started realizing that it needed to become a vehicle for social change, challenging our assumptions about people with mobility challenges.

Here is a great article on this device from The Georgia Straight

To learn more, or order one, please go to

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