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Access means #EveryoneEverywhere

Let’s build a Canada that’s accessible for all!

CCRW believes that all people should be able to go all places, which is why we are proud to share our support of the #EveryoneEverywhere campaign from the Rick Hansen Foundation. A lack of physical accessibility in the built environment is a fundamental barrier to inclusion for people with disabilities. If Canadians can’t access the places where we live, work, learn and play, then they’re unable to contribute to and participate fully in society. We all benefit when people with disabilities have the opportunity to share their skills and creativity and reach their full potential. CTA:

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1 in five Canadians identify as having a disability. Let’s remove physical barriers to their potential. #EveryoneEverywhere via @rickhansenfdn
 Together, we can build a world where all people can go all places. Join us and the @rickhansenfdn and share the #EveryoneEverywhere movement.
A set of stairs shouldn’t be a barrier to your potential. Let’s create a world built for #EveryoneEverywhere
We live in a world that isn’t built for everyone. It’s time to change that, so we’re proud supporters of #EveryoneEverywhere and the @rickhansenfdn.


It’s time to build a world where everyone can go everywhere. That’s why we’re proud to support #EVeryoneEverywhere @rickhansenfdn

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