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Are you required to tell your employer if you have a disability?

If you have a physical or mental disability, is it absolutely necessary to disclose it to your employer?

It’s a common question in the workplace that many people with disabilities have, especially if the disability is still new to them, invisible to the public or if they’re just entering the workforce.
According to Annette Burrows, president of the Canadian Association for Support Employment (CASE), it is not required to disclose one’s disability unless it has to do specifically with the work.

For example, if part of the job is to lift 30 pounds regularly and it’s mentioned in the job description, then it would be normal for an employer to ask everyone if they are able to lift the weight when conducting interviews, regardless if they have a disability or not. And if a disability is preventing you from carrying out the duty, then disclosing it may be required.

But if your disability has nothing to do with the job you’re carrying out, should you still let your employer know?

It depends, Burrows says.

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