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Bradford accessibility champions target local ‘vessels for change’

The BWG Accessibility Advisory Committee hands out free children’s books at Outdoor Movie Nights to build awareness and acceptance of diversity

Published in BradfordToday by Miriam King

“You’re Felicia McCan, not Felicia McCan’t!”

That’s a telling line from the children’s book, Felicia McCan, by Carolyn MacDiarmid and James Tuer, published by The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial.

The book is all about diversity, inclusion and acceptance and tells the tale of Felicia McCan, whose vision loss, use of a magnifier, and unique style don’t prevent her from making new friends at her new school.

The story teaches children “to celebrate differences rather than focussing negatively on them,” MacDiarmid has written.

Felicia McCan was just one of three children’s books being handed out free-of-charge at Bradford’s Outdoor Movie Night last week by members of the BWG Accessibility Advisory Committee. The others were Benjamin-Bob Can Do the Job, and I’m Smart in My Own Way, which also challenge stereotypes and promote inclusion.

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