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Send us your words, photos, art and/or video (or a combination of all!)

Feeling the COVID blues?  Feeling isolated?

Having trouble getting information?

Experiencing accessibility barriers?

Working – frontline, from home or not at all?

Are you supporting a remote workforce?

Unsure about what’s next for business?

We want to know about your experience and we also want to hear about uplifting stories of how people are coming together in your community.

If you have a word, a photo, a poem or piece of art that conveys your experience in isolation, we would love to include it in our curated interactive display on our website.

To participate, email us: 

  • A photograph or video
  • One word of your choice
  • A recording of your voice
  • A piece of artwork
  • A paragraph or a poem

If you require an accommodation to participate, please let us know.

Email to:

Submit by: May 1st, 2020
Please note:

  • We will need your consent.  A consent form will be emailed to you for signing once your submission is received.
  • You will be anonymous unless you want to be identified.  For example, Brenda, Mother of 5
  • Be as creative as you’d like!

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