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Current Job Opportunities at CCRW

Current Job Postings

27.19 Program Facilitator and Job Developer (Full Time) – must apply by August 9, 2019

The Role – The YTF Program Facilitator and Job Developer works as part of a team to ensure the achievement of established site targets by the completion of the CCRW YTF contract. The Facilitator is responsible for creating and delivering interactive group-based workshops to youth with diverse disabilities, meeting the employment-related needs of clients referred and/or self-identifying for admission to YTF. The Program Facilitator/Job Developer works closely with Program Coordinator to establish and maintain successful YTF participant work experiences at businesses in the community. The position continuation is based on outcomes achieved and continued funding of the YTF program contract through the Government of Canada.

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26.19  Job Developer (Full Time), Winnipeg, MB – must apply by August 12, 2019

The Role – The Job Developer secures employment opportunities for a diverse client base of jobseekers with disabilities. The Job Developer works in a team setting with the Employment Coordinator, job seekers with disabilities, and employers, focusing on securing employment opportunities and engaging business stakeholders.  

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24.19 Lead Researcher (Part-Time) – must apply by August 18, 2019

The Role – CCRW is testing the idea that a balanced approach of services to both employers and job seekers with disabilities will result in an employment landscape that is more accessible. As a result of working with CCRW through this project, employers will report feeling more confident to hire employees with disabilities. CCRW will engage with local businesses to profile their staffing challenges and develop talent pipelines that respond to those issues. We will implement an ‘action research’ based approach engaging our local stakeholders through service delivery. Research questions will emerge throughout the lifespan of the project and will be articulated in our project reporting. We would like to engage a Research team throughout the lifespan of a 19-month project to determine the research parameters and activities we should be completing to measure the impact and effectiveness of our work. We want to be able to unpack the ‘journey’ of our services and articulate why our interventions work, or don’t work. We want to be able to pull out best practices based on data points identified collaboratively between CCRW and our Researcher. The Lead Researcher will work closely with a full-time Research Assistant in completing the research activities.

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