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DAWN Canada Report on Women and Girls with Disabilities in Canada

This report begins to create, for the first time, a more fulsome picture of the issues and concerns Canadian women and girls with disabilities are facing. There is limited empirical evidence available from which to draw an accurate portrait of the social, economic and political situation of women with disabilities and Deaf women. Further, although Statistics Canada reports that 1 in 5 women in Canada lives with a disability, while this is not insignificant by any means, because much of the data is based on self-identification, it still represents a significant gap in understanding that the intersection of disability impacts a very high number of women and girls in Canada.

Through this research DAWN Canada has intentionally identified and examined populations that are under the radar in terms of quantifying and identifying ‘who are women and girls with disabilities in Canada’ including brain injured women, women living with episodic and chronic illnesses or pain, and women with intellectual and learning disabilities, many of whom live a lifetime of un-named stigma and discrimination.


More than a Footnote: A Reasearch Report on Women and Girls with Disabilities in Canada

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