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Dieppe Company Designs Protective Shield for Vehicles

DIEPPE – (May 6, 2020, Huddle)  With physical distancing becoming the new normal, a Dieppe-based company has designed a product for vehicles that will separate drivers from passengers or cargo.

Malley Industries is well-known across North America for designing the interiors of ambulances and vans.

Composites manager Michael Cybulski says the so-called bodyguard shield was designed in only three weeks.

“This is designed to cut down on air movement between a passenger and a driver. We’ve also designed this product to be easily removed out of the vehicle without making a lot of damage in the vehicle. So it’s not a permanent solution by any means but it’s certainly to help out during this crisis,” he notes.

Cybulski says the idea came from the transportation industry which was seeking solutions for physical distancing.

He says the product is designed to be as universal as possible and could be used in the forestry, telecom, oil and gas industries or even in taxis.

Malley Industries has already received inquiries about the bodyguard shield and he adds it should be ready for sale later this week.

Allan Dearing is a reporter with 91.9 The Bend, a Huddle content partner.

Source:  Huddle

For more information on Malley industries, check out their video here: Behind the Scenes at Malley Industries

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