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Disability and Work in Canada National Conference 2018


You are invited to DWC2018 – A Partnering Strategy for Moving Forward to be held  December 4 & 5, 2018.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Ottawa City Centre,
101 Lyon Street
Ottawa, ON

The conference will review a proposed national strategy to improve the level of employment of persons with disabilities in Canada.

The conference is sold out. 


Conference agenda (PDF version)
Conference agenda (Word version)
Conference agenda (Text version)

Please take a moment to become familiar with these documents before you attend the conference.

Moving Forward Together: A Canadian Strategy for Disability and Work. DRAFT for discussion at the Disability and Work in Canada conference, December 4-5, 2018 in Ottawa, Canada.

DWC Draft Strategy (PDF version),
DWC Draft Strategy (Word version)
DWC Draft Strategy (Text version)

Policy Roundtable on Disability and Work in Canada Developing a Vision and Strategy for the Future. Summary of the Roundtable held June 26th, 2018.

Policy Roundtable summary (PDF version);
Policy Roundtable summary (Word version).
Policy Roundtable summary (Text version)

This conference will be the next step in a process that began in November 2017, when a broad range of work disability partners held a highly successful conference in Ottawa entitled “Disability and Work in Canada: Success and Challenges of Canada’s First 150 Years, Developing a Vision and Strategy for the Future.”

Since the November 2017 conference, efforts have been underway to develop a vision and strategy for the future, focused on key initiatives to increase the employment of persons with a disability. A draft strategy will be distributed in the Fall of 2018, prior to the national conference. The objective is to foster broad consensus on the key elements of that strategy.



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