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Fake Interpreter Insults Deaf Communities

TORONTO, Dec. 11, 2013 /CNW/ – Access denied to Deaf communities of the world on a day of admiration for a great leader is an insult.

The fake sign language interpreter at Mandela’s memorial ceremony on Tuesday in South Africa ridicules the life of the legend. Not only was access denied to Deaf people, a mockery was made of the languages of Deaf communities.

In the face of Mandela’s dedication to equality, treating Deaf people as second-class citizens is outrageous. CCRW demands an apology to Deaf communities of the world and an uncut video of the memorial service with proper sign language interpretation released.

“Denying access to a community is unacceptable. To mock the language of that community is disgusting. Imagine any other language being translated into gibberish – that would not be tolerated, and neither should this atrocity” commented Maureen Haan, President and CEO of CCRW. “It is imperative that Canada not accept this type of discrimination”.

At work, home or in the community, CCRW supports appropriate access for all people with disabilities or who are Deaf.

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