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Greetings from Walmart!

Kaylee was seeking employment in Kitchener, Ontario when she sought assistance with the CCRW Partners Program. When staff met Kaylee she was a bit timid and shy, disclosing feelings of hopelessness in her job search. Kaylee worked with the CCRW Kitchener staff for several weeks to find a suitable position for her. The Job Developer connected with a Walmart Centre near her home and was told about an upcoming “Greeter” position. Our Job Developer had a great feeling about this position as Kaylee had the talent required for the position. Kaylee applied to the position and our Job Developer connected with Monika in HR, she wanted to meet with her.  CCRW staff attended the interview and orientation with Kaylee. She did great that day and was selected for the “Greeter” Position at Walmart. Through regular follow up and support the feedback HR has given has been nothing but positive statements regarding Kaylee and her performance. This job has given Kaylee a new positive outlook and she has made some friends along the way. Last week she was awarded the Shining Star Award for collecting over $100 per shift for Breakfast clubs across Canada. Kaylee is very happy with the support she has received from the KW office.

“I am happy with the support I was offered through CCRW. I am very happy with the position I was provided at Walmart. Thank you” – Kaylee


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