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Happily Employed Former Client

Seeking help is challenging for anyone but this is especially true when you have a disability. There is a cruel stigma on people with disabilities. We are judged before opportunities are even presented; for something we cannot control, for something we have no choice in. This is hard to deal with when you desperately want to work, to be of value, but you can’t even get the chance to prove yourself.  When you have the qualifications, and know you are capable of extraordinary things but cannot make it past the interview.

It took me two years of rejection, two years of sending out 20+ resumes a week to no avail, two years before I gave up on myself almost completely. I wish I would have reached out sooner.

I saw seeking help for employment as a weakness, shameful even, it took me losing all my confidence and resiliency to look into government help… but I am so glad I did.

I urge anyone who needs help to ignore their false sense of pride and reach for that hand, it’s there to help. It is through the amazing work of Sheri Little and Paige Linklater at the CCRW that I was able to build myself back up again.  Through their assistance that I was able to understand my rights and how to navigate in the modern workforce with a disability. I was able to attain temporary work almost immediately upon my enrollment in the program.

Sheri and Paige’s consistent support and guidance were pivotal for me to maintain my motivation to keep searching for a job that suited my needs. Their connections and support help in more ways than I can express. They are not only there to help you find work, but to listen – whether you need direction or just someone to hear your struggle, someone to let you breakdown and help you pull through. Finding work nowadays is exhausting to do on your own, especially when you have a disadvantage over other applicants, with Sheri and Paige’s help you no longer have to carry that weight by yourself which can give you the strength to keep trying. I can’t praise these women enough – they genuinely care about their clients and I promise if you put your trust in them you will not be disappointed.”

– Happily Employed Former Client, Kitchener, Ontario, CCRW Partners Program

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