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Humber College: Transition to Work Event

Humber College: Transition to Work Event (Tues. May 2, 2017)

  • Joint collaboration between JAS, WESP and Partners – Toronto
  • CCRW presented 2 workshops:
  • “How and When to Disclose” – lead by Carolyn MacDiarmid (WESP) & Justin Lee (Partners)
  • “Arranging Job Accommodations” – lead by Emily Jooste & Emilee Yu (JAS)
  • We also had a table set up in the “Market Place” afterwards where attendees could approach us to find more information about CCRW’s programs/services and ask any questions that weren’t answer during the workshops

In our workshop of “Arranging Job Accommodations” we discussed the following:

  • What are disabilities – the general different categories of disabilities
  • What are accommodations (and the types of accommodations)
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Employer and Employee
  • General Accommodation process
  • What was achieved: With the workshop, we were able to educate individuals (mostly Humber students) with what accommodations are, their right to request accommodations at any point of their employment and the joint responsibilities of both employee and employer in the accommodation process. In the Market place, we were able to promote our services to both attendees of the workshops and other Humber individuals


  • Impressions and Potential Impact: This event and particular workshop (Arranging Job Accommodations) provided further education and awareness for attendees regarding job accommodations; Some attendees had a good basic knowledge of accommodations but through this presentation and event, they furthered their knowledge to be better advocates for themselves in their future employment




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