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The Business Case for Hiring Persons with Disabilities

A diverse workforce that includes employees with disabilities can directly affect productivity and improve your company’s bottom line.

Diversity planning is more than just the “right thing to do”. It is necessary to stay competitive and grow your organization.

An aging population, shrinking labour force, organizational restructurings and equal opportunity legislation are some of the contributing factors that will require organizations to review their management practices and develop new and creative approaches to managing people.

Effective organizations conclude that helping employees achieve their maximum potential is a sound business practice. A diverse workforce reflects the changing world and marketplace and by respecting individual differences, employers create a workplace that provides a competitive edge with increased work productivity.

Understanding the business case for diversity and inclusion of persons with disabilities is the first step in moving your diversity agenda forward. When an organization can understand the business case for diversity, dispel myths surrounding hiring someone with a disability, and can develop strategies to support inclusive, the will have the ability access an untapped workforce, improve their bottom line, and plan for the future needs of the organization.

When recruitment and hiring practices are inclusive to support persons with disabilities, your business will benefit from:

  • increased motivation
  • increased productivity
  • increased profitability
  • increased ability to find and retain talent
  • reduced recruitment costs

Furthermore, a workplace designed to maximize human potential contributes to both your Human Resource and Business Planning goals, while providing opportunity to gain compliance with acts and regulations.

Getting started: Don’t let disability stand in the way!

Although companies may need to address internal practices and understand accommodation, hiring an employee with a disability is really no different . . . employers want employees who have the necessary skills and who demonstrate reliability, dependability, capability, and adaptability. Persons with disabilities in Canada have skills, education, training, experience, and want to work! Like other candidates, they are qualified to fill a variety of posts ranging from entry level to executive positions.

When you contact CCRW, our staff can help you explore where you are currently positioned for the hiring of persons with disabilities. Through information sharing, training, and support, CCRW can help your company develop strategies to move your hiring agenda forward. Based on your specific needs, we can provide consultation, coordinate training, facilitate linkages, and provide assistance with hiring persons with disabilities with your business.

To support the hiring of persons with disabilities, your organization may want CCRW to help you explore the following broad areas:

Disability Awareness

There are many types of disabilities, some are visible and some are not. Understanding the various disabilities and dispelling the myths surrounding disability is essential, not only for the people recruiting and hiring, but also for the other employees within your organization. This type of training can often be customized to fit your needs.

Recruitment Strategy

CCRW programs across the country specialize in transitioning persons with disabilities into the workforce. Connecting with CCRW allows your organization to tap into a vast talent pool that is right in your own community! There are many recruitment strategies your organization can use when recruiting a diverse workforce; CCRW staff can discuss these strategies, and provide training to your team.


Job accommodation does not have to be a complex task. Your business is probably already engaging in “accommodation” practices, such as flexible work hours or purchasing ergonomic chairs for employees with bad backs – this is an “accommodation”. There are a wide range of equipment, software programs, and devices currently available to accommodate employees with various types of disabilities. Dispel the myths surrounding accommodation by talking with CCRW and making the most of our services and training! Click to learn more about workplace accommodations.


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