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“I am so happy to have my first job”

Mitchell is a 26-year-old young man who has lived with anxiety and depression for many years. Mitchell’s disability impacted his life in different ways, he had not yet had a job and spent most days in his home. Mitchell worked with his doctor to successfully manage his disability allowing him to begin considering employment. Mitchell met with the employment coordinator and the employment outreach specialist at CCRW and was very shy at first. After a while Mitchell began to open up and shared that he wanted to work but felt that due to his anxiety, he would be more successful in a position with less customer service interaction. Mitchell disclosed he would not mind working in a restaurant and CCRW assisted him in obtaining his safe food handlers certificate.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza in Winnipeg, MB is an inclusive employer with a chain of Coal Fired Pizza Restaurants, serving exceptional quality food with great service. Kayla-Rae, the General Manager interviewed Mitchell after CCRW contacted her and discussed how Mitchell could be a great asset to their company. Kayla-Rae interviewed Mitchell and decided he would be best accommodated in a back of house position at their Westwood location. CCRW provided Carbone with a wage subsidy so that Mitchell could have additional training, having never worked prior. CCRW staff connect regularly with Mitchell’s direct supervisor and they are very happy with his performance. His supervisor states she has seen him flourish and Mitchell is happy to be part of the team.

Mitchell’s Testimonial: 

“CCRW assisted me with building the confidence to attend my first ever job interview. They helped me find an employer that was compassionate and saw the strength and ability I had. I am so happy to have my first job and Carbone has been great!”

Kayla-Rae Deveau, General Manager:

“CCRW introduced us to Mitchel for a Kitchen Position.  Mitchel was a breath of fresh air, he was completely honest and straightforward which is refreshing. I could see the enthusiasm he had to be part of our family. Whenever we hire, we always look for the right person, despite experience. We can train skill, but you can’t train heart. Mitchel has been doing a great job, he’s also become more comfortable opening up with new people. We are excited and honoured to be a part of his journey, as we know it’s going to be a bright one.”

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