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Identifying Covid Resources in Canada

Identifying Covid Resources in Canada

CCRW completed an online scan for resources related to coronavirus as it relates to disability and work for Canadian wide resources. A cross-disability scan was employed, and targeted information on disabilities that are identified as being at greater risk for coronavirus were included. The resources were vetted to ensure that the content was reliable, reputable and appropriately targeted content for persons with disabilities. We will continue to update this information.
Towards a Disability-Smart World: Global Disability Inclusion StrategyBusiness Disability ForumAccessibilityEmployerN/AGlobal
Labour Force Survey, June 2020Statistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Canadian Survey on Business Conditions: Impact of COVID-19 on busi9nesses in Canada, May 2020Statistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Are your Virtual Meetings Accessible for People with Disabilities? Start with this ChecklistBarrier Free CanadaAccessibilityEmployerN/ACanada
Return to Workplace: A psychological toolkit for heading back to workCanadian Mental Health Association (Ontario)Covid-19Employer / EmployeeMental HealthOntario
Using Teams for Remote Work with Sign LanguageMicrosoftAccessibilityEmployer / EmployeeDEAFGlobal
Generate Automatic Captions and a Transcript for your Microsoft Stream VideosMicrosoftTechnologyEmployer / EmployeeDEAFGlobal
How to Create an Accessible Outdoor Patio (COVID-19)DesignABLE EnvironmentsAccessibilityEmployerN/AON
Illuminate Opportunity Toolkit: Equity in the WorkplaceElectricityHRAccessibilityEmployerN/ACanada
Labour Force Survey, April 2020Statistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Return to the Woprkplace ChecklistInstitute for Corporate ProductivityCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
COVID-19 and People with Disabilities in CanadaGovernment of CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Impact of COVID-19 on YouthGovernment of CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Helping Vulnerable Canadians get COVID-19 Benefits and Financial ReliefProsper CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Ten Things to Improve Conference Call AccessibilityMediumAccessibilityEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Labour Force Survey, May 2020Statistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Accessibility Learning Webinar SeriesMicrosoftAccessibilityEmployer / EmployeeN/AGlobal
Why make your podcast accessible?Podcast AccessibilityAccessibilityEmployerN/ACanada
COVID- Developmental Services ResourcesSonderbloomCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
6 Strategies to Manage Mental Health While at HomeLaylaRemote WorkEmployer / EmployeeMental HealthCanada
Financial Vulnerability and Work Interruptions During the COVID-19 PandemicStatistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
A Pulse on the Current WorkforceAltis HRCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 response: Considerations for Children and Adults with DisabilitiesUNICEFCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/AUS
NEWSLETTER: Taskforce NewsBusiness Disability ForumCovid-19EmployerN/AGlobal
Feeling low, stressed or anxious?BounceBackCovid-19Employer / EmployeeMental HealthCanada
Canada Survey on Business Conditions: Impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Canada, March 2020Statistics CanadaCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Government Relief Programs for Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19ShopifyCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
COVID-19 ResoursesCanadian Business Resilience Network
How COVID-19 is Changing Remote Work for People with DisabilitiesRick Hansen FoundationCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
Financial help for Canadians affected by COVID-19CBC NewsCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Accessibililty Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting ExperienceDeaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
AccessibilityEmployer / EmployeeDeafUS
Government Response Plan for Canada Québec and Ontario (Document)FaskenCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
In Conversation with Small Business Minister Mary NgAmberMacCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Microsoft Teams Meetings for the Classroom - What to use now, and what is coming soonMicrosoftTechnologyEmployer / EmployeeN/AUS
Toolkit for IndividualsMorneau ShepellCovid-19Employer / EmployeeMental HealthCanada
Accessible Events GuideMicrosoftAccessibilityEmployerN/AUS
Managing Disability and Accommodation Issues in the Age of the PandemicVORYSCovid-19EmployerN/AUS
Disability Inclusion in COVID-19 Responses in the World of WorkInternational Labour OrganizationCovid-19EmployerN/AUS
Tips for Working Remotely when you're Deaf The Limping ChickenRemote WorkEmployeeDeafUS
Employers can Help Support Staff with DisabilitiesThe Pharmaceutical JournalAccessibilityEmployerN/AUS
COVID-19 and the World of WorkInternational Labour OrganizationCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/AUS
What People with Vision Impairments want in Image DescriptionsMicrosoftAccessibilityEmployer / EmployeeVisionUS
What the Disability Community can teach us about working RemotelyMicrosoftRemote WorkEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions to Assist EmployersSherrad Kuzz (Employment & Labour Lawyers)Covid-19EmployerN/AON
APP: Canada Self-Assessment Tool and AppGovernment of CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft TeamsMicrosoftTechnologyEmployeeN/ACanada
ZOOM Keyboard CommandsCanadian Assistive TechnologiesTechnologyEmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 Implications for Canada and the economic impactConference Board of CanadaCovid-19EmployerMental HealthCanada
Resources for Canadian BusinessesGovernment of CanadaCovid-19EmployersN/ACanada
Video Call Options During Covid-19Amber Mac BlogCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
The Employer's Guide to Covid-19 & the WorkplaceMinken (Employment Lawyers)Covid-19EmployersN/ACanada
Employment Insurance and Emergency Benefits Carleton UniversityEIEmployeeN/ACanada
Work from Home Reference GuideLannickRemote WorkEmployeeN/ACanada
Resources for Working and Training RemotelyCharity VillageRemote WorkEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Adapting to Remote Work is Hard. We're here to Help!Plum Remote WorkEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 and Disability: Recommendations to the Canadian GovernmentCCRWCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 and AnxietyHere to HelpCovid-19EmployeeMental HealthCanada
An Employer's Guide to Responding to the COVID-19 PandemicBennet JonesCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Coping with COVID-19: Employer FAQsMcInnes CooperCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Complete Mental Health Guide During COVID-19 PandemicPeak ResilienceCovid-19EmployeeMental HealthCanada
COVID-19 Resources for Employers and WorkersLabor & Worfoce Development AgencyCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
#COVIDdisability: Disability-Related Resources for FamiliesCanadian Association for Community LivingCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Awareness ResourcesGovernment of CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Coranavirus (COVID-19) ResourcesSpring LawCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Disability -Specific Recommendations for COVID-19New MobilityCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19: Ontario Employee Sick Leave & Employment LawLecker & Associates (Employment and Disability Lawyers)Covid-19EmployerN/AON
In the media: Disabled Canadians Feel Excluded from COVID-19 MessagingThe Canadian PressCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
In the Media: What Employers and Employees need to know during the COVID-19 PandemicCBC NewsCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ABC
Manage staffing, work-sharing, layoffs and leave.Government of SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Self-Isolation Support Program Government of SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployeeN/ASK
Support for BusinessesGovernment of SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Public Health Measures in the WorkplaceGovernment of SaskatchewanCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ASK
Managing Staffing and LeaveGovernment of SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Support for WorkersGovernment of SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployeeN/ASK
Ontario's Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19Government of OntarioCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/AON
Canada Emergency Response Benefit: Q&ACUPE (Canadian Inion of Public Employees)Covid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
Overview of the Work-Sharing ProgramService CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
COVID-19 Information and ResourcesAutism Speaks CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeIntellectual DisabilityCanada
COVID-19 Resources: What to do while in isolationConnectAbilityCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
Resource Centre (HRPA) Updates CovidHuman Resources Professionals AssociationCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
COVID-19: Balancing Public Health and Mental HealthAnxiety CanadaCovid-19EmployeeMental HealthCanada
What to do if you’re Anxious of Worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19)Anxiety CanadaCovid-19EmployeeMental HealthCanada
Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Support for IndividualsGovernment of CanadaCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
EI Sickness Benefits: What these Benefits OfferGovernment of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
EI Sickness Benefits: Do you qualify?Government of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
EI Benefits: How Much Could you ReceiveGovernment of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
EI Benefits: ApplyGovernment of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
EI Benefits: After you ApplyGovernment of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
Request for Reconsideration of an Employment Insurance DecisionGovernment of CanadaEIEmployeeN/ACanada
Layoffs and TerminationGovernment of SaskatchewanEIEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response PlanGovernment of CanadaCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
How EDC is Helping Exporters during COVID-19EDCCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
What Employers should doWorkSafe SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Staying Safe at WorkWorkSafe SaskatchewanCovid-19EmployeeN/ASK
Information for Employers on COVID-19Saskatchewan Worker's Compensation BoardCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Support for Entrepreneurs Impacted by the COVID-19BDCCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
COVID-19 Small Business Help CentreCFIBCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
COVID-19: Resources for BusinessSaskatchewan Chamber of CommerceCovid-19EmployerN/ASK
Pandemic Awareness (Free) Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Pandemic PlanningCanadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) (COVID-19) in the workplace Resources for employers Government of CanadaCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
OSH Answers Fact Sheets: CoronavirusCanadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
OSH Answers Fact Sheets: Pandemic Influenza (Flu)Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
OSH Answers Fact Sheets: Good Hygiene PracticesCanadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Prevent the SpreadCanadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19Employer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Flu and Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Business Continuity PlanCanadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyCovid-19EmployerN/ACanada
VIDEO: COVID-19 & SCISpinal Cord Injury OntarioCovid-19EmployeePhysicalON
COVID-19 Update & ResourcesSpinal Cord Injury OntarioCovid-19Employer / EmployeePhysicalON
General COVID-19 Questions & AnswersCystic Fibrosis CanadaCovid-19EmployeeN/ACanada
Remote Working & Shoping: Can all your Staff & Customers do it?Hassell InclusionRemote WorkEmployer / EmployeeN/ACanada
Carleton Prof Creates Plain-language Guide for getting Gorvernment AidOttawa CitizenCovid-19EmployeeN/AON
Physical Disabilities and Coping with COVID-19Sensory Friendly SolutionsCovid-19EmployeePhysicalNB

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