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Kait’s Employment Success: Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture

Kait’s Success Story

Kait came to CCRW looking for help and supports in reaching her employment goals. After being out of the workforce for over a year due to health challenges, Kait was looking to resume work with part time employment. Though she had found an opportunity on her own, it did not provide enough hours and she was ready for more.

In addition to gaining financial stability Kait hoped to give back to the community with a position doing administrative work in a meaningful organization, specifically in social services or a non-profit. We identified the need to find an employer who was sensitive to mental health and the challenges that arise from living with mental health issues.

With the help of CCRW supports Kait was able to take on a position of Office Coordinator with one of our inclusive employer connections, Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture. As a non-profit working with the community to promote inclusiveness they are a great fit for Kait.

Through access to our wage subsidy we supported the employer while our client navigated her way back into regular work, becoming more comfortable and confident through an accommodating manager delivering one-on-one training. We were also able to support Kait with an onsite accommodation for her physical barriers allowing her to be even more successful in her new role.

Kait says…

“The support I have received from CCRW has been invaluable to my return to work. Having supports and an employer who is understanding and accommodating with regards to my disability has helped me thrive as an employee and as a contributing member of society. Not only has CCRW benefited me and my employment goals, it has benefited the disability community through my work with Kickstart.” – Kait, CCRW Partners Program Client, Surrey, BC

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture is a non-profit group operating in Vancouver, BC, headed up by Artistic Director Yuri Arajs. They are a registered charitable organization that supports and promotes artists who identify as living with a disability.

CCRW and Kickstart first came together through a community partner and immediately identified shared interests and ideas for helping individuals with barriers succeed. We worked together to help each other reach these goals. CCRW started by making an employment connection with one of our clients looking to utilize graphics and design talents. Kickstart had a need for this skill set and not only worked with our client but provided exemplary support in accommodating their barriers.

We were then able to assist in increased involvement and a new role for Kait, who was looking to take on a more substantial administrative role in a non-profit organization. This was a perfect fit, and again Yuri stepped up to help create a successful and accommodating work environment.

Through CCRW’s supports Kickstart provided meaningful employment to our clients.

Yuri has this to say of our organization:

“CCRW provides organizations like Kickstart the opportunity to work with talented individuals with great skills. As a small organization, having talented work placement or volunteers is something we rely on because we do not have a lot of people power. Kickstart has two part time employees and help is always needed. Kickstart has benefited greatly from the programs at CCRW and hope that it continues.”- Yuri, Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture

We look forward to a long-term relationship with this great organization in continuing to support persons with disabilities across the country.

– CCRW Partners Program, Surrey BC

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