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OP Lab: Learning, Sharing, Actioning!

Did you know?  Canada recently agreed to follow the Optional Protocol (OP) to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

What does this mean? The CRPD is an international law aimed at promoting, protecting and ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms for persons with disabilities.  the Optional Protocol allows people in Canada to make a complaint to the United Nations in some situations when they believe their rights under the CRPD have been violated.

To see the complete information pdf, click here

Through the OP LAB, ARCH and our project partners offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Op[tional Protocol and be part of a Canada-wide network engaged in acting for the implementation of the CRPD!

For more information and to apply, go to

Become an OP Champion in your Community!

  • Participate in a series of 8 courses to understand the Optional Protcol,a nd how it can be used effectively to advance CRPD implementation in Canada
  • Topics will include:
    • What is the CRPD? What is the Optional Protocol? How do they work together?
    • How does the Optional Protocol work?
    • How can individuals use the Optional Protocol?
    • Can the Optional Protocol be used for larger, systemic issues that affect people with disabilities in Canada?
    • How does the UN deal with complaints under the Optional Protocol?
    • Action planning for using the Optional Protocol
    • Current implementation and barriers to implementation of the CRPD in Canada
  • Courses will be held during the afternnon on 4 Saturdays in late winter/early spring 2020

Become an OP Legal Expert!

  • If you’re a lawyer with expertise in disability rights and the CRPD, you can participate in a series of 3 courses to deepen your technical understanding of the Optional Protocol, and develop strategies for innovatively using the CRPD in litigation and law reform to support community efforts for CRPD implementation
  • Topics for the 3 courses will include:
    • Optional Protocol procedures and jurisprudence
    • Legal barriers to CRPD implementation and strategies for using the CRPD in litigation and law reform
    • Use of the Optional Protocol in foreign domestic jurisdictions:  what can we learn and apply tot he Canadian context?
  • Courses wil be held during weekday afternoons in late winter/early spring 2020

Complete OP LAB courses, and become part of a Canada-wide Network engaged in acting for the implementation of the CRPD!

  • This network will be launched with a joint meeting of the OP Champions and the OP Legal Experts
  • Courses will be delivered through an interactive, accessible digital platform gthat will allow dialogue and discussion among participants and presenters
  • All courses and materials will be a s fully accessible as is possible, and will be offered in English with French translation
  • Courses will be facilitated by ARCH lawyers and partners, and will include presentations from guest speakers, discussions and learning exercises

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