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Our CEO’s message on racism

My CCRW family,                                                                                          June 4, 2020

I would like to speak upon the pain that so many of us have been feeling, following the preventable death of George Floyd, and the protests taking place across North America against police brutality towards Black people.

For many of us, these times have added even more stress to an already unprecedented time. I recognize the need for us as an organization to continue our belief that we are responsible to those persons we serve, and hold accountability to our stakeholders, members, community at large and our benefactors. And that we ensure this value is upheld with an intersectional lens, realizing that everyone in our community is held in a position of respect.

Therefore, I am asking us all to be supportive of one another, in recognizing the fear, hurt, and outrage provoked by the killing of George Floyd (and D’Andre Campbell, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Nicholas Thorne-Belance, and so many others), and acknowledging a long history of explicit and implicit racism within Canada, the U.S. and beyond.

I am asking all of us to recognize the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological tolls that our colleagues may be experiencing, and the mental health impacts of anti-Black racism on our communities. As many of us are still working from home, this often involves us seeing more news, more notifications than ever, on top of feelings of isolation and fear. Sometimes, this feels inescapable. I know we are a compassionate group of people at CCRW. Therefore, if you or your colleagues are feeling additional stress, I encourage you to connect with the Employee Assistance Program, speak with your manager, connect with each other at the Chats at the Kitchen Table.

As an organization, CCRW stands with other organizations in condemning the racist actions occurring. Black Lives Matter. And the truth is that racism is embedded deeply in many of our structures and policies. At CCRW, our mission has and always will be to drive forward the importance of diversity and inclusion, with our work creating change for persons living with disabilities at all intersections, and their communities. We draw our strength from our diversity and our leadership in engaging in meaningful dialogue, welcoming people from every background to our programs and offices across Canada, and in striving to build an organization that is inclusive of all people. CCRW stands for justice and in solidarity with the Black community – our staff, colleagues, clients and partners – in the fight against systemic and institutional racism. To deliver on this mission, we must commit to challenging racism wherever we find it – including in ourselves, as uncomfortable as that may be. It is the only way forward.



Maureen Haan
President & CEO

Viceregal Patron: Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Govenor General of Canada

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