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People with disabilities are not the damaged goods of the labour force.

Published July 31, 2019 in The Yellowknifer by Therese Estacion

Pursuing one’s vocational dreams as a person with a disability can be a seriously tough endeavour due to ableism.

Ableism is a type of discrimination that is hurled against individuals with disabilities, or differently abled people. It devalues the potential of individuals with disabilities as workers, and often results in stigma, prejudice and ignorance.

Ableism intersects with other discriminatory behaviours like racism and homophobia, but is unique in that it is has still yet to break through mainstream talk regarding oppression and the body.

It is also incredibly complex since it refers to the discrimination of all peoples with disabilities, and we are a varied lot.

Ableism is made even more complicated by the role subjectivity plays when discussing disability. How one describes her, his or their disability – which includes needs, symptoms, frequency of physical manifestations etc. – may not be evident to a person who is able-bodied.

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