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CCRW Employment Services

CCRW ES is a one-stop employment service for job seekers with disabilities and employers in the southeast New Brunswick region.

Our goal is to connect New Brunswick employers with qualified employees who have disabilities.

Are you interested in our services? Contact the CCRW Employment Services team today!

Our services include:

  • one-on-one and group counselling sessions
  • career exploration and decision making
  • skill development
  • cover letter and resume development
  • interview skills
  • job search strategies

You qualify for ES services if you:

  • have a physical disability and/or learning disability and/or sensory (visual and hearing) impairment and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • reside in the southeast region of New Brunswick
  • are currently unemployed or under employed
  • are motivated to find employment

We assist our clients to obtain the necessary accommodations they need to perform on an equal level as their peers, be it in the workplace or in an educational setting.
Click to learn more about accommodating disability.

We encourage our clients to be accountable for their job search while providing them with the tools and skills necessary to support career and employment decisions.

We develop and maintain partnerships across southeast New Brunswick with businesses, government, agencies/organizations, and education/training partners.

Referral Process:

With the exception of clients with Learning Disabilities (who are referred to us by Working NB), our clients may be self-referred or referred from any support agency, organization or government department that feels this service would benefit the client’s search for employment and workforce integration.

Are you interested in our services? Contact the CCRW Employment Services team today!

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