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Client with Learning Disability, Employed Since 2012

I have been a client of CCRW for the past 15 months. I had been diagnosed with a learning disability in early 2010 and needed guidance in making an appropriate career choice. I worked in the banking industry for 22 years, but left because of changes to work requirements that I was having difficulties adapting to.

CCRW helped me make an informed choice and guided me through the process of taking a new career path. I have been impressed with both the support and services that have been provided, in order to help me achieve my goals. They did many things to help from arranging computer training to ensuring I had the necessary accommodations when I returned to school last fall.

The expertise of the employment counsellors at CCRW was critical. They guided me through numerous processes and systems; and were always available to offer advice or assistance when I ran into obstacles.

I have found the staff at CCRW to be professional but warm and friendly. They listened when I had something to say and at no time was I made to feel as if I were “less than”. In fact, the empathy and encouragement I received from the counsellors gave me the confidence to believe I could do better than ever before. As a result, I am now a recent graduate with Honours of the Human Services program at NBCC and am now working in my field.

Client with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Currently Employed

I began my CCRW experience under less than ideal circumstances. I had recently dropped out of university, had little relevant work experience, no post-secondary education and had recently been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which made it difficult for me to market myself to employers. Employers immediately saw those factors as red flags and I cannot fault anyone for looking at my resume and swiftly brushing it aside. My resume appeared lacking compared to those of others but even though I felt confident in my abilities and work ethic, I still remained behind the majority of the people applying for jobs.

CCRW provided me with a great chance to succeed in attaining a job. They started by helping me with career exploration by reducing the clutter of jobs that I had no interest in or thought I had no chance of succeeding in. Basically, they helped narrow down my search to realistically achievable positions and positions I’d be interested in.

They were very proactive in contacting employers, which worked well for me since I found it difficult to engage new people for the first time. My first two significant attempts to land a position failed largely due to bad luck. The 3rd attempt however was a massive success since I attained a temporary 3 month job on a government subsidized wage program which then turned into a nearly yearlong job. My position at the City of Moncton utilizes my skills perfectly. I have been extended 3 times past my initial contract. It’s provided me with a new sense of determination of optimism for future employment prospects along with viable work experience.

Client with Learning Disability, Currently Employed

For me CCRW means peace of mind. It is an excellent program that helps people with disabilities access all available programs and funding; to help ensure their success.

When I had my Psycho-Educational assessment done, and found out that I had a learning disability, I was both relieved and confused about what this would mean for me in the future and how it affected my past. Through CCRW I was able to get the support in services and technology specific to what I needed to learn to the best of my ability.

My employment counsellor was there with me every step of the way. She helped to support and guide me through the process of preparing for school. She listened to my concern and offered viable solutions. She stayed on top of things so that I could focus on learning. I was able to start my classes on the right foot knowing that I was not alone and that I had access to all available resources.

Thanks to CCRW, I am confident that my scholastic experience will be a positive one.

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