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JAS®: Job Accommodation Service

The CCRW Job Accommodation Service (JAS)® works with employers across Canada to create healthy and inclusive workplaces.

ccrw job accommodation service

CCRW Job Accommodation Service (JAS)®:
“Leading the Way to a Barrier-Free Workplace”

Leaders in Job Accommodations, Disability Accommodations and Workplace Accommodations

  • Canada-wide
  • Bilingual services
  • Cross-disability expertise

People with disabilities often face additional barriers in the workplace. Identifying and implementing workplace accommodation solutions are vital to ensure these barriers are addressed, both from a legal perspective and to allow employees to reach their full potential.

We created JAS® in 2000 with the goal of reducing barriers – both individual and systemic –  in the workplace. We do this by providing practical workplace accommodation solutions and advice. All of our services are geared towards the goal of barrier-free and inclusive workplaces.


BROCHURE: JAS accessible bilingual 2017 brochure


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