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What is a 'disability'?

There are many definitions of disability. We interpret disability in broad terms which include both visible and non-visible disabilities, mental and physical, that limit a person’s movements, senses, and/or activities. A disability can be permanent, temporary, or episodic.

What is a 'workplace accommodation', 'job accommodation' or 'disability accommodation'?

The term “workplace accommodation” refers to a wide variety of tools that address disability related barriers in the workplace. Job accommodations are sometimes referred to as adjustments, adaptations, or modifiers to equipment and/or job duties. Disability accommodations include both hard and soft job accommodations.

What is a 'hard' accommodation?

Workplace accommodations are often referred to as either “hard” or “soft”. Similar to computer technology, hard refers to something you can touch or hold, and soft does not. Examples of hard workplace accommodations include ergonomic furniture and braille keyboards.

What is a 'soft' accommodation?

A “soft” job accommodation refers to adjustments made to practices, policies, and activities that enable people with disabilities to perform the duties associated with their job. Examples of soft job accommodations include modified work schedules and job coaching.

Can a person with a disability be fired?

Yes. Disability does not equate immunity when it comes to job performance. There are many instances where a person with a disability can be legitimately terminated. It is, however, always important for employers to carefully consider the legal and other ramifications.

Is it expensive to accommodate employees with disabilities?

Most often, no! It is a common myth that all workplace accommodations are costly. Many job accommodations are inexpensive or even free, and are instead based on flexible and creative solutions. Workplace accommodations like flexible scheduling, extra breaks, job training, and providing materials in alternate formats are great, affordable solutions.

How much do JAS® services cost?

The fees associated with our services vary depending on your needs; for a free price estimate, contact program director Nayla Farah direct. JAS® is a social innovation program created by CCRW – as such, all of our proceeds are reinvested directly into CCRW programs and services.




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