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Presentations and Workshops

We deliver presentations and workshops across Canada covering a variety of disability-related topics. Our sessions use case studies to illustrate topics covered, and may be customized based on your company’s needs. Popular presentations include:

The Duty to Accommodate: In Theory and In Practice

During this session, participants learn:

  • what is the duty to accommodate?
  • what are the scope and limits of the duty to accommodate?
  • what are job accommodations?
  • when and why to accommodate.

Inclusion in Action

During this very interactive session, participants use four different case scenarios to learn when and how to accommodate. This workshop has been delivered at a number of federal government conferences on disability since 2010.

Leading the Way to an Inclusive Workplace

During this session, we discuss the essentials of workplace accommodations with a focus on barriers faced by employees with mental health disabilities. Participants learn about:

  • the duty to accommodate
  • myths and misconceptions around disability accommodations
  • best practices in accommodating mental health disabilities
  • facilitation of full inclusion at work
  • troubleshooting challenges; job accommodation in practice


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