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RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Working collaboratively with CCRW since 2002 has greatly helped us meet our employees’ accommodation needs, which in turn, helps make RBC a happy and healthy workplace. We just recently surpassed 1000 accommodation cases. Thank you CCRW! -Debbie Pawelczyk, Advisor, RBC Workplace Accommodation

Satisfied Employee, Accommodated for Low Vision

I understood the majority of my own accommodation requirements, but the Job Accommodation Service® introduced me and my employer to tools and technologies I wasn’t familiar with. Without JAS®, I might have approached my accommodation from a reactionary basis, but instead, I worked with a proactive team. It proved more efficient for everybody involved. I would definitely recommend JAS® to other employees and employers because it’s so important for an individual to work with a trained accommodation specialist who understands the field and can ensure you’re given every opportunity to fulfill your job function. The JAS® team worked hard to understand my unique needs, and provided a comfortable, safe environment. As a new employee, it was particularly nice to work with a third party who was advocating for me. -Carla Boose, Assistant Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Global Employment Strategies

Satisfied Employee, Accommodated for Low Vision

After my assessment I was given a new screen, and I’ve had it now for about 6 weeks. On the first day there was some adjustment due to symptoms of dizziness, but then, everything was an improvement for me. Overall, I feel that I can view all of the information I need with much less strain now. As a result, I have more energy and an improved disposition. I sometimes have days where I’m moving in a bit closer or angling my head a bit more, but overall, its much better now. When my new screen was set up, I needed to sit up higher, so I requested a footrest and now I have one. This helps me avoid back and neck strain. My neurologist recommended to my eye doctor that my glasses be changed. The combination of my improved progressive glasses, the bigger screen, and the footrest seems to be working well so far. I appreciate how the assessment so concisely summarizes many areas important to me, in a matter of fact and professional way. I’m no expert in how they went about arranging my text size, etc. but it does seem to be working. My accommodations have definitely reduced my overall stress level and increased my energy and positive outlook. I believe they have also contributed to me being able to recently achieve a higher performance rating. Reflecting on my whole situation from the past 18 months, it sure is sobering to realize how instrumental it is to have support from an organization like CCRW in order for a person with special needs to receive appropriate assistance. Without you guys, I would have been sunk. -Anonymous; employee who was experiencing headaches and low productivity caused by the strain of reading with low vision

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