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Working with JAS®: A Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

Why choose JAS®?

1. Increase revenue:

  • enhance employee productivity by ensuring that they have effective tools and strategies
  • access new markets; capitalize on opportunities to meet business goals

2. Reduce costs:

  • decrease the costs of short-term and long-term disability absences
  • protect your company against discrimination complaints; reduce costs associated with conflict and litigation
  • prevent financial, intellectual and strategic losses related to staff turnover

3. Raise your company profile:

  • meet Employment Equity and accessibility goals
  • raise your organization’s profile through employment diversity

JAS®: A Unique Approach to Workplace Accommodations

Working with JAS® means a win-win for everyone. An inclusive and barrier-free workplace that uses appropriate job accommodation solutions leads to increased comfort and productivity of your employees, while simultaneously improving your bottom line. When you work with JAS® you gain access to:

  • 100% assurance of privacy and confidentiality of information for both employer and employee
  • 40 years of expertise in issues relating to employment and disability
  • customized services based on your company’s culture, objectives and internal processes
  • one central point of contact for all types of disability related assessment and consultation services. By eliminating your need to deal with several service providers with different processes, we provide you with consistency of service across each of your sites, anywhere in the country.
  • professional case management that ensures each file is handled with expertise in a manner that meets your organization’s unique standards for content, format and requirements.

Success highlights:

Increased employee performance and success

We have great success helping to transform employees with low or poor performance into outstanding and award-winning employees.

Successful return to work

We excel at getting people back on track. This often means helping employees who have been off work (for example, due to long-term or short-term disability) to successfully reintegrate into the workplace. Tried and failed to return to work? Our unique assessment tools, tailored solutions and vast pool of subject matter experts often ensure success, event after other approaches have failed!

Proven success mitigating risk and fulfilling legal obligations

Our track record speaks for itself: NONE of the files that we have handled has been the subject of any type of litigation. When you team up with us, we provide protection from litigation, and support to meet legal obligations (for example, the duty to accommodate).



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