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Youth the Future (YTF) / Jeunes en devenir (JED)

Are you an organization or a business interested in hiring youth with disabilities?

Are you a youth with a disability looking for entry-level work?

*Please note: Due to COVID 19, all workshops are being delivered remotely.

This is your opportunity to participate with the Youth the Future (YTF) Program. We offer the program bilingually in Quebec and New Brunswick, Jeunes en devenir (JED).

Our Youth the Future Program is a 22-week pre-employment skills development program that provides youth with disabilities the pre-employment skills necessary to enter today’s workforce. We have programs currently serving Brampton ON, Mississauga ON, Scarborough ON, Oshawa ON, Montreal QC, Moncton NB, St. John’s NL, and Halifax NS.

YTF is specially designed for working-age youth with disabilities (15 – 30). Participants are hand-picked for their motivation to succeed, work ethic and positive attitudes. Over the first 8 full weeks of the program, participants spend each day in classroom workshops*, gaining skills in customer service, professionalism, leadership, conflict resolution and so on, while also tailoring their job search with support of YTF staff. *Due to Covid-19, YTF workshops are delivered virtually.

The participants then transition to a 14-week employment experience, whereby they work a minimum of 20 hours per week at an entry-level job, with the overall goal to retain their employment. Each of those hours is subsidized at 75%. Employers are open to ongoing employment. By the time they interview with you, you will be ready to hit the ground running on the job.

Benefits to the employer:

  • Ambitious, well-trained young employee who wants to work!
  • Support and guidance provided to employer and youth at all times
  • 20 hours/week at provincial minimum wage are 75% subsidized, from start to finish
  • Accommodations provided at no cost throughout the 14-week period (if any needed)
  • YTF youth desire to keep their jobs and to prove themselves – lowers turnover
  • Positive attitudes to join your team!


Contact a coordinator in your area to find out more

Mitchell a former CCRW client

Benefits to participants:

  • Small classes with tailored workshops to individual employment goals and needs
  • You will learn more about your skills, how to handle interviews, tailor your job search, gain confidence and get certifications such as First Aid and more!
  • Friendly, supportive staff
  • Accommodations  provided at no cost throughout the 22-week period (if any needed)
  • YTF staff work with you to find a job in the community
  • PAID training over 8 weeks
  • If you work hard in YTF, you will get a job with a supportive employer and YTF staff remain involved at all times to assist the transition to ongoing employment (or, back to school).

To apply to participate as a YTF youth, candidates must:

 Be between 15 and 30 at the time they start the program
Not in school / Not employed
 Have basic reading and writing ability
Legally able to work
Have a SIN card
Be ready to WORK HARD to get a job
 Positive, “can-do” attitude!

Let a CCRW Youth Employment Program be part of your workforce

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