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Information for Employers

 Need qualified staff? Hire and retain qualified people with disabilities.

Partnering with OWIP gives you access to motivated and qualified employees who fit your workplace needs.

OWIP staff work with employers to understand your business and recruitment needs. We save you time, money and energy by connecting you with pre-screened, qualified and job-ready candidates.

Recruitment and Hiring:

  • recruit pre-screened, skilled, qualified and highly motivated candidates
  • gain expert assistance regarding the employment of persons with disabilities

Wage Subsidy:

  • access our wage subsidy program to subsidize training costs during the probationary period

The Bottom Line: Employers who have not included diversity and inclusion into their strategic planning are not accessing the talents, resources and markets of persons with disabilities.

Contact OWIP Employment Specialist, Maddie Longo at for more information or to book an appointment.

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