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Satisfied Employer Kumar Singam, General Manager, La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn & Suites opened its doors in 2013 and has had the pleasure of featuring brand new, state-of-the-art accessible rooms and devices. At La Quinta Inn & Suites, we not only believe in serving people with disabilities, we believe in welcoming them into our staff as well.

We have had the opportunity to hire numerous employees with OWIP. We feel that hiring from a program like OWIP was beneficial as they have a pre-screening process for candidates seeking employment. They provided our hiring coordinators with resumes of individuals who were looking to get into the hospitality industry and were motivated to work. The employees that we hired received training that was individualized to each specific employee, which equated to success for the individual as well as for the hotel.

The employees that we met through OWIP have worked diligently to become exceptional hospitality workers and have become part of the La Quinta Inn & Suites family. La Quinta Inn & Suites hopes to continue its dynamic partnership with OWIP for its current hiring needs as well as its future requirements.

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2012

I thank all of you for assisting me find a job, you are all very encouraging and given me hope to land a job again. You all never get tired of looking a job for me, provided me with job postings, coached/assisted at the job fair and supplied information me and my wife had asked for. The interview training from Elly was fantastic it helped me gain my confidence which made me able to answer all the questions during the actual interview.

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2013 (written by proxy on client’s behalf)

This is a very wonderful program that CCRW has going on. They really helped my brother get a job. Their program is the best. We went to other programs for 5 years and they could not help, then someone sent me to CCRW.

The staff took their time and effort to help him get a job, because they care about the people they work with. In 2 months, they found my brother a job. Now he works at Kwik Signs. Without the help of CCRW, my brother would not be getting the opportunity to show his skills and working ability. My brother loves the job he is doing and also learning each day new skills on the job.

Satisfied Employer Tanya Sinclair, HR Manager, Pickering Public Library

We are very excited and feel honoured to have hired such a talented community resident who truly loves the Pickering Public Library and what we are trying to achieve as a place in the community for everyone to connect, learn and discover. We continue to strive to be an inclusive employer to represent the demographics of our diverse community. I am enjoying our partnership with CCRW because you assist us in this endeavor. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved!

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2013

It was wonderful to work with an organization that focused on your abilities, what you are capable of accomplishing, rather than what you may be unable to do.

Community Partner Bev Mawhinney, Administrative Assistant, Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program

For over 10 years, Essential Communications has coordinated to Ontario Self-Employment Benefit (OSEB) program in Durham Region. The OSEB program assists aspiring entrepreneurs in writing a business plan and in launching their businesses. We refer individuals with disabilities to the Ontario Workplace Inclusion Program because we believe they address an important need within the community. We also continue to refer our clients (all entrepreneurs) when they are in the process of hiring employees.

Working with a Job Developer is particularly helpful; they have unique insight into what a valuable resource the Ontario Workplace Inclusion Program is for entrepreneurs.

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2013

The people at CCRW have helped so much after a long struggle job searching on my own. From career and future planning, cover letter writing and helping me polish my resume. All these things have not only helped me in finding a job, but also provided me with the confidence to pursue my future goals.

Satisfied Client, Employed since 2013

CCRW helped me very much to find employment when it was difficult to find it on my own because of lack of experience and employment. When I was recommend to this program I was helped by three amazing people in the employment services. They helped me with my resume, interview skills and confidence and helped me reach my goal. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is having problems and is looking for employment. I will rate is program 10/10.

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2012

Deciding to get back into the workforce was very scary after 5 years, but after calling CCRW, I felt very at ease, comfortable and safe. The staff were awesome – very friendly, helpful and willing to listen to my concerns about going back to work. They listened to what I had done in the past and were able to provide a position that I thoroughly enjoy.

Satisfied Client, Employed Since 2013

I am grateful for Rapid Taxi for giving me the opportunity to apprentice as an Auto-Mechanic apprentice and learn the trade.

Satisfied Employer Rapid Taxi Regarding Auto-Mechanic Apprenticeship, 2013.

Working with a fellow Employment Ontario service provider in the Durham Region, the Ontario Workplace Inclusion Program (OWIP) came together as a united front to form an understanding. A partnership formed between the two service providers to offer services for the best interests of the community in which they served; to critically assist in providing a much needed solution to a mutual client and a local employer in need of an Auto-Mechanic Apprentice.

Fred Lepard, a client of both employment service providers, sought employment guidance and supports from both organizations, with OWIP offering a unique client-centered perspective that focuses on abilities and interests, not just transferable skills. “The client talked passionately about working on cars and having an interest in becoming an Auto-Mechanic Apprentice. We worked to see what opportunities existed armed with the knowledge that we can help an employer see the advantages of a wage subsidy and apprenticeship tax credits” Nancy Cyros, OWIP Job Developer said.

The client was presented to Rapid Taxi, which resulted in an interview between the employer and potential employee. He was hired on the spot. The Job Developer then provided Jerry Klimpel, Rapid Taxi’s Office Manager with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities application form for both he and Fred to complete and submit to the Ministry for registration of an apprentice.

Satisfied Employer Pickering Public Library

Elizabeth Viscomi, a current student in the Digital Media Arts program at OCAD University came to CCRW’s Ontario Workplace Inclusion Program for some information regarding job searching. She identifies as a person with a disability, as she is deaf and lip reads. She was looking for a summer employment, but was open to opportunities that related to any one of the many interests she had. However, all interests had a common theme: reading.

Her tenacity for learning and the arts was astounding. “I like to go to the library every other day to check out new books to read. It’s part of my routine because of my love for reading”. Elizabeth Viscomi, job seeker. Armed with this information and passion for the Pickering Public Library, the Job Developer connected with the Pickering Public Library to present Elizabeth for the role of Page.

“I saw that there might be a potential fit, and I am delighted that she now begins her career path with such an inclusive and great place to work.” Job Developer, Nancy Cyros.

Elizabeth, armed with a freshly designed resume and her beaming smile, went to meet with Tanya Sinclair, HR Manager, and the Circulation Desk Manager at the Pickering Public Library. Her accommodation request for the meeting and when on the job was simple yet impactful: direct eye contact for her to read lips and clear articulation of words. She interviewed well and was offered the role of Page. During her onboarding, Managers and co-workers were informed to accommodate Elizabeth by speaking clearly and with direct eye contact for effective communication.

When asked about hiring Elizabeth, Tanya Sinclair, answered, “We are also very excited and feel honoured to have hired such a talented community resident who truly loves the Pickering Public Library and what we are trying to achieve as a place in the community for everyone to connect, learn, and discover.”

The Pickering Public Library strives to be an inclusive employer that represents the demographics of our diverse community. “I am enjoying our partnership with CCRW because you assist us in this endeavour. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved!” HR Manager, Tanya Sinclair.

CCRW’s Ontario Workplace Inclusion Program thanks Pickering Public Library for your continued support and interest in hiring highly motivated, qualified and talented people with disabilities. We value your commitment to supporting Diversity in the workplace.

Client, Currently Seeking Employment

I’d like to share my experiences with how The CCRW helped me. After graduating in December 2011, 2012 proved to be a challenging year as a new graduate. Working in a few positions completely unrelated to my degree, just to earn an income was not where I thought I would be.

I was introduced to the CCRW January 2013 and words really cannot describe how grateful I am for their services.

Elly helped me gain the confidence that I lacked by working on developing my Cover Letter, Resume, conducting mock interviews, providing me with websites and tips on how to conduct a thorough job search and helping me focus in on organizations that I saw as career opportunities.

The next step was working on getting myself out there and getting interviews. Having Nancy there every step of the way, forwarding my resumes out, providing me with networking opportunities and connections, and doing everything she could to get me interviews with organizations I wanted to work for. Her hard work and dedication in caring about what I wanted is the reason that I landed a position with a company I love.

I could not be happier with how things have turned out. I now work for a hotel merchandising company as a copyrighter that has enormous growth opportunities, is in my field of Hospitality and Tourism, and allows me to go into work with a smile on my face because I am excited to be there and love what I do.

Having Elly and Nancy’s support and help every step of the way was more than I could have ever imagined any organization would do for an unemployed graduate. They take the time and put in the effort to truly go above and beyond and be there for you.

To new graduates entering the workforce and realizing how difficult it is to land an entry level position in a field your passionate about, I strongly encourage you to contact the CCRW and see for yourselves what they will do for you.

Satisfied Client, Employed since 2012

When I received the e-mail that there was a new program offered from CCRW since I was previously in their youth the future program, I jumped at the chance to hop on board. The fact that they have a job developer on hand, “by the way, the job developer was an excellent tool and made finding a job look easy, which as we all know can be a tedious task in itself.”

The process from starting the program to getting hired was quick!. I started the program in January of 2013 and was Hired in April of 2013.  Getting hired was smooth too, the interview went well, at first I treated it as “just another interview” because in went so quick and my other interviews in the past had the same feeling. Needless to say, I was shocked and speechless when my job developer called me telling me I was hired. My first shift was on a Saturday and it was crazy! It was busy and I never stopped moving, it took no time for me to blend in and to get used to the position, there’s a few things I still need to figure out and experience, but nothing big. The management and staff are great and understand my condition. Yes, it’s a casual/easy job compared to others, but I look at it as I have conquered another barrier in my life. I feel like I’m blessed because I know and meet other people worse than I am. 

Thank you OWIP program and CCRW. You have been a great help and continue to be as well.

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