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Information for Job Seekers

The Partners Approach – what can I expect?

For more information, please go to the Team site and choose the city you are in.

STEP 1: Initial Application Interview

  • contact the Employment Coordinator (EC) in your community via email or phone. You will be asked to come in to your local Partners office and meet with the EC. This will take about 30 minutes.
  • fill out the necessary paperwork for Service Canada, and answer a few questions to figure out if Partners is the best match for you.
  • you will be asked to bring your resume and information about your career goals and job search to date.
  • you may be asked to complete follow-up activities relating to your job search and goal(s) at the end of this interview. These activities are part of the application process.
  • you will be asked to follow-up with the EC in 3 business days to inquire about your application.

Eligibility for the program is determined on a case-by-case basis. Spaces are limited and acceptance is not guaranteed. If the Partners program is not the right fit for you, we will provide resources and alternatives that may better suit your needs and goals.

STEP 2: Intake Interview

  • you will be asked to come in for a 45 minute appointment with our EC to complete an intake interview. This interview provides the foundation for your Employment Action Plan.

STEP 3: Preparing for Employment

  • you will work with the EC to complete your Employment Action Plan (EAP). Your EAP will outline the steps and services designed to you in your job search.
  • Each EAP varies depending on individual goals and needs.
  • CCRW staff will provide guidance and feedback to support you in achieving your goals.
  • You will meet with our Employment Outreach Specialist (EOS) to talk in more detail about your job goal, and supports available to you.

All clients are required to job search and lead their individual job finding efforts. Your job search is enhanced through the supports available in Partners and with our EOS.

STEP 4: Making the Most of Our Services

  • The services outlined in your EAP will vary depending on your individual goals, strengths and challenges.
  • There are 3 primary streams of services you can access:
  1. Short Term Training (OF-SFE): short-term training or skills upgrading that is directly linked to an employment opportunity and labour market need.
  2. General “Return to Work” Supports (OF-EEAS): outcome-based employment supports t hat are a maximum of 14 weeks long. These services can include:
    • job search skills enhancement (all clients are expected to job search and complete search logs)
    • resume and cover letter development
    • interview skills
    • navigating today’s workplace and understanding employer expectations
    • disclosure and accommodation training
    • one-on-one and group-based sessions
  3. Wage Subsidy (OF-WS): wage subsidies are a supported return to work path for many of our clients.
    • we will work with you to identify your opportunity to match your goals, skills and interests.
    • over a 14-week period, CCRW staff will support you and your employer in your transition to work.

STEP 5: Successful Program Completion


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