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This project is brought to you by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation & Work (CCRW) and Employment Ontario


Are you a Job Seeker with a Disability with a University or College background?

Ready to get working in your field of study?

Click HERE for our latest workshop flyer in Microsoft Word 

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WESP has helped more than 600 professionals with disabilities find employment and 63 in the last year alone:


2017-2018 WESP Client Hires (63 in total):

  • Management: 2%
  • Business, Finance, and Administration: 30%
  • Natural and Applied Sciences: 8%
  • Health: 2%
  • Education, Law, Social, Community and Government Services: 8%
  • Sales and Service: 40%
  • Trades, Transport, and Equipment Operators: 6%
  • Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Related Production: 3%
  • Manufacturing and Utilities: 2%


The WESP Advantage:

WESP clients participate in 2-week group workshops designed to simulate an actual office environment. Group workshops are followed by mock interviews and individual coaching.

WESP workshop topics include:

  • effective job search strategies
  • social media and job searching
  • disclosure in the workplace
  • job accommodations
  • interview techniques
  • resume and cover letter writing 
  • and many more!

To be eligible for WESP, you must:

  • reside in the Greater Toronto Area
  • self-identify as a person with a disability
  • be currently unemployed/underemployed 
  • aged 16+
  • Computer literate
  • fluent in English, both written and verbal (essential)
  • committed to a full-time employment search
  • have professional competency in your field of interest and/or post-secondary education

To book an intake appointment, please complete our

WESP Pre-Screening Intake Questionnaire*

*Plain-text version available upon request

Have questions? Contact our Intake Coordinator for more information

self referrals are welcome

416-260-3060 x 232

 WESP Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Address – National Office

477 Mount Pleasant Road, Suite 105
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 2L9
P: 1-800-664-0925
F: 416-260-3093


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