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This project is brought to you by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation & Work (CCRW) and Employment Ontario


“I am really thankful that I got a job shortly after participating in the program, bridging the gap between my reality and aspiration.  Based on my personal experience, I would strongly recommend that you sign up for the program and make the most of it.  The program is well delivered and facilitated and the staff are professional and dedicated.  The team at WESP has provided me with exceptional and seamless employment services from one-on-one career advising, job postings, resume writing, interview preparation and follow-up job retention.  With professional guidance I felt prepared and confident and performed well in the interview, which enabled me to stand out from the rest and secure a job successfully.  As a job seeker, being proactive, positive and persevering are a must in the journey of job search”

-WESP January 2019 client

“The WESP workshop was a great experience. The facilitators were awesome and my fellow participants were great. Overall, the whole team dynamic was beneficial to my learning.”

– WESP February 2017 client

“The WESP workshop was exactly what I needed to move forward in many aspects of my life. I was unaware of this when I started, and I must admit I was quite terrified at first. Not only did the staff work with me on building my confidence and facing my fears, I was given every tool necessary to be 100% job ready including having an updated resume, cover letter and access to resources that are always readily available. I am very pleased with how polite everyone was. This is the place which allowed me to accept who I am, and feel okay knowing that someone like me is not forgotten or reminded that I am different. Thank you”

– WESP November 2016 client

“Wonderful workshop content and information. Exceptional staff providing employment support in an inclusive, empowering and positive atmosphere. I’m grateful to have been able to attend and highly recommend the workshop to others.”

– WESP October 2016 client

“Fantastic course, great teachers, I learned so much and am now ready to begin my job search!!”

– WESP October 2016 client

I want to thank the WESP staff for all of your help and encouragement. I could have not done it without the valuable education and tips you gave me on cover letter and resume writing, interview skills, etc. Most importantly, the experience of doing the workshop and consulting with you were a real boost to my confidence. You really gave me a new sense of motivation and helped me get out of a rut.”

– WESP June 2016 client employed September 2016

“I liked the idea on how the workshop was conducted in structural setting because it gives opportunities for clients to share about their experience in job searching as well as life stories. I recently started job development portion and I’m already getting calls after the workshop. I’m looking forward to continue to be part of WESP and find a meaningful employment soon. Keep up the great work!”

– WESP August 2016 client

“Before attending the WESP workshop I had been unemployed for almost a year. During this time I tried a number of different workshops and sought help from many different organizations. My experience with CCRW was very different though:  I found the WESP workshop interesting, informative and the facilitators made the process very enjoyable. Most importantly, I got a job in my field within a few weeks of participating!”

– WESP July 2015 client employed September 2015

“Thank you for all your support and great training at WESP!  A volunteer opportunity helped me heal and regain my self-confidence, snowballing into more volunteer work at 7 different places in 6 months until I landed a permanent job with great benefits and great people in August 2015.  The WESP workshop training helped me stay calm with over-preparation and stand out among my competition. The volunteer work gave me great customer service stories and examples to use at job interviews (while increasing my self-confidence), all of which is highly valued by organizations. I highly recommend volunteerism to clients at WESP if they need to regain the self-confidence to land a job.”

– WESP February 2015 client employed August 2015

“I highly recommend the WESP program.  The content is up to date and thorough.  The facilitators and classmates take the fear and mystery out of the job search process.”

WESP March 2015 client employed August 2015

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