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Talent Untapped: Mining the talent pool of disability.

Talent Untapped – Documentary about employment and persons with disabilities

Journalist Anna Karina Tabunar is creating a documentary on employment of persons with disabilities.  “Talent Untapped” was officially launched in Ottawa on December 4, 2014.

Ms. Tabunar comments: “People with disabilities form the fastest growing minority group in the world. In Canada, they are one in eight of us. As a veteran broadcaster, journalist and communications professional, I became part of that minority when I was deemed “disabled” and unable to work.

As I was recovering from a rare neurological condition, my inner circle of support came from people who happen to live with disabilities. Many of them were shut out of the workforce, living hand-to-mouth.

Why is it that the majority of people with disabilities are unemployed or underutilized? Talent Untapped chronicles my journey for answers.”

Go here to view the preview video on YouTube

Go here to learn more about Anna Karina Tabunar

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