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“The best job I ever had”

“I have suffered from mild depression all of my life, and as an adult learned to control it and help myself. As I entered my 50’s I escalated from mild-medium into many severe episodes.

When I was a younger more vibrant woman I could ace interviews and find employment easily. Now in my 50’s with the weight of personal issues on my shoulders securing employment was beyond challenging. I heard about CCRW from my case worker at income assistance, as she knew I would be a good candidate. I sincerely wanted a job!! I also wanted a job that would be kind to me.

I met with Jennifer and Jackie at CCRW and I immediately felt hope. Jennifer re-did my resume, and I had a new confidence. So off I went applying for many more jobs. I slid down into deep despair and disappointment again when nothing was happening for me. I locked into isolation, not leaving home, ignoring phone calls, and concerning my family.

Finally, one day I decided to return Jackie’s call and she listened, empathised and understood my pain and hurt. Because of Jackie and Jennifer’s faith in me I tried again. We brainstormed and sent out many resumes.

I started a new job in the food and beverage industry which I was excited about, but I felt I had to be doing something different. My mind was overwhelmed and feet, knees and back ached. Then Jackie told me that CCRW would assist me with better supportive functional footwear.

As I was being fitted at Canadian Footwear for smart and practical shoes, I looked around and said out loud “I would like to work here”. The manager had heard me, walked over and said “Bring me your resume”. One week later I was learning about feet and selling shoes. In one month I will pass probation and strongly feel this is the best job I have ever had.

Always knowing Jennifer and Jackie were quietly beside me and encouraging me gave me the strength I needed to feel like a useful and capable person again. This program and these young ladies will never be forgotten for their professionalism, guidance, and genuine kindness.

 I am truly thankful for finding CCRW. This program has much to offer, particularly HOPE!

-Ramona H

P.S. My feet feel great!”


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