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The Story of How I Found CCRW is Interesting

“The hardest part of all of this was going from physically able to physically challenged at my age. I began to question my skills, my abilities and the value of my experience. I didn’t know where to turn to or what to expect.

The story of how I found CCRW is interesting.

I was walking home from the Go Station in Whitby. While I walked I was questioning my value as a person and not sure what the future would hold. I was concerned because I was unable to use my right arm and as a result couldn’t drive anymore. I was stopped at a crosswalk near the Abilities Centre in Whitby waiting for the light to change. I looked around and saw a sign for a job fair for people with disabilities.

When I got home I looked the job fair up on the internet. The job fair was in Toronto on the Danforth. It is quite a trip there when traveling on public transit so I decided to keep looking through the site. The job fair site had a link to the CCRW and I found the Oshawa address on the CCRW website. I thought about contacting the CCRW for a couple of days and then did it. I downloaded the form, filled it in and took a bus to the CCRW office. I was nervous because I didn’t know how I would be received. I made an appointment and then things changed. I didn’t know what to expect or how CCRW could help but I had hope that something good would happen.

The election slowed things down and resulted in changes at the CCRW office. I felt I was starting over but Nathalie Byrne was supportive and very helpful. My hope returned. Things happened quickly after I met Nathalie. I was able to take an electrical estimating course. After I completed the course Nathalie helped me rewrite my resume and gave me some tips on overcoming some weaknesses in my career history. I was introduced to Yakuta Alibhai to help organize my job search. I explained to Yakuta and Nathalie what I hoped would happen.

I am excited to say that my plan worked out and that I was able to get a job that was created for me. The new job will use all my skills and experience to help a company grow and create a future for me.

Nathalie Byrne and Yakuta Alibhai are an asset to CCRW and have a great understanding of what a person feels as they go through a life changing experience. Their willingness to help and to ask questions demonstrates their desire to help their clients. They are knowledgeable and look for ways to make the right things happen without over promising.”

– Dan

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