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The Value of Neurodiversity at Vita Health Products Inc

The Value of Neurodiversity at Vita Health Products Inc

August 2019 – Winnipeg, MB

Alain came to CCRW for assistance securing a long-term meaningful employment opportunity. Alain had completed his Business Administration Diploma majoring in Accounting and disclosed he had an exceptional eye for detail and ability to focus. Alain also disclosed that he was living with Asperger’s and felt he would be more successful in a position with less focus on customer service and rather a more “behind the scenes” role. Alain was very committed to his job search and benefitted from job interview coaching. Alain also worked closely with CCRW’s Job Developer to find a job in line with his career goals.

Bobbie Green, the Human Resource Manager at Vita Health Products Inc reached out to CCRW seeking a specific skill set to fill the Proof Reader role. The Proof Reader is responsible for identifying spelling/grammar errors, typographical errors and text omissions; ensuring all labels, artworks, texts and advertising materials comply with Health Canada. Vita Health Products Inc is a forward-thinking company that manufactures pharmaceuticals and natural health & beauty products. Vita Health Products Inc not only understands the importance of inclusion in their hiring practices but also understands the value of neurodiversity in the workplace. Alain possessed unique natural talents for accuracy and attention to detail, making him a perfect fit for the job. Alain began working as a Proof Reader in July and is doing very well. His supervisors are very happy with his performance and enjoy having him on their team. Alain enjoys his position and is glad to have a job utilising his educational achievements and personal attributes










“CCRW helped me with my job search working towards a goal of full-time employment. It helped me in acquiring a term and then part-time position while continuing to further my job search goals. The staff were pleasant and helpful and very motivational – pushing me outside the boundaries of my comfort zone to ensure I could achieve my goals. Now that I am employed, I am grateful for the time spent with CCRW and would recommend their services to anyone in a similar situation.” – Alain D.

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