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Wyatt’s CCRW Experience

“After I moved to St. John’s, I was really struggling a bit with anxiety and wondering who I was now, as an adult. Sometimes you can’t really trust your own instincts when your mental health kind of spirals off a bit. CCRW was the leverage I needed to help me focus, revaluate my skill set and find a place to work that’s well-suited for someone like me.

I am currently working as a front-end helper at Costco. I work closely with a cashier and help to load products into carts for customers. A fairly simple bit of physical labor, but it works for me, personally.

The women of CCRW Partners Program St. John’s were a glimmer of hope during a winter when I desperately needed one. I could never thank them enough for their kindness.”

– Wyatt, St. John’s, NL

CCRW Partners Program, The Autism Society of NL and Ready Willing & Able

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